Google Maps Optimization Program

How To Turn Your Google Maps Listing

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Learn the 7 Step Framework To Convert Your Local Google Maps Listing Into And Infinite Attraction Tool That Converts

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The Google Maps Optimization Program:

How To Turn Your Google My Business Page and Google Maps Listing Into A Local Lead Machine

What is the Google Maps Optimization program?

What is this elite program?

The Google Maps Optimization Program is a step by step framework to set-up, optimize and create a deep data Google Maps listings that organically attracts local leads by search keywords, meta data, feature optimization, and advanced tactical strategies taught by a professional digital marketer and entrepreneur Zach Calhoon. You will learn the step by step strategies to elevate your GMB Listing and attract local prospects on the most powerful local marketplace – Google Maps. Inside this program you will become a local digital marketing expert. Not only will you be able to optimize you own business listing, but you will be able to use this training and start offering Google Maps optimization as a service.

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Who Is This For?

This program is for you if own a business and want to grow fast. Or if you are looking to increase your digital marketing skillsets and you want to quickly learn insider secrets to optimize Google Maps listings, rank higher, attract more local leads with buyer intent and crush your competition.

Once you see all the ways to fully increase the relevancy and weight within Google Maps, you will be shocked. Plus as you learn the skillsets and deep dive meta data principals with Google, you will see local business opportunities that your competition are not taking advantage of. When you take full advantage of this program you create a lead generation magnet that helps business growth for the life of the business!

How Derek Uses Zach's Systems And Framework

To Create a "Rocket Ship" Of Growth and Consistent Lead Attraction

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Working with Derek on his digital marketing has been a treat. Hear how he uses our frameworks to light fire to his business.

"Man, when the leads came in, it was rocket ship time… It felt like we were going in the right direction with the help of Zach and his team."

Derek worked with Zach and added 90 new subscribing members in 45 Days.

This brought in an additional $100,000 of annual revenue into his business!

Lets take the training wheels off your

Google Maps Listing

In this program you will learn…

What Make Google Maps Tick

  • Learn the anatomy of Google Maps and how it really works.
  • Learn what turns the table in your favor.
  • Learn how to rank higher faster.

Becoming a local expert

  • Learn how to research your competitors.
  • Learn how to target keywords.
  • Learn how find weakness in your competition and beat them.

Verify, Set Up and Dominate

  • Learn how to get set up quickly on Google Maps.
  • Learn how to fill your listing with relevant search terms and criteria that Google and your local community loves.
  • Learn how to add use keyword relevance and weight to your advantage and attract more local leads to your business.

Optimize The Meta Data

  • Learn how to add deep meta data into all your files and uploads to tell Google to crawl your listing and prioritize your listing.
  • Learn how to add GPS data into you files to increase local relevancy by address (advanced tactics)!
  • Learn how use untapped keywords in your local area – and dominate.

Get On Google Street View Inside Your Business

  • Learn how to add your business to Google Street View.
  • Learn how to use 360º photos to create a virtual tour of your business.
  • Learn how to create a walkthrough experience inside your business.

Get Advanced Tactics

  • Learn how to post updates with keyword content and add back links to your website – the best "back link" of all.
  • Learn how to set up virtual offices and surround your city.
  • Learn how to outrank your competition by filling up every keyword space available.

Meet Your Instructor

Zach Calhoon is a digital marketing professional and founder of – A virtual tour software and service company.

With CloudPano, you can create custom 360º virtual tours to market you business. With over 14000 users and 21 countries supported, CloudPano is changing the world for the better.

Now, with CloudPano you can add virtual tours to Google Street View. Which allows you to further market you business and reach new customers from Google Maps.

In the Google Maps Optimization Program, you will learn how to create, optimize and build a robust Google Maps listing, directly from an expert, Zach Calhoon.

Get High Impact Results For Your Google Maps Listing

And Quickly Attract Customers

  • Rank higher on Google Maps.
  • Get more organic (free) leads through Google Maps and Search
  • Outrank your competition
  • Win the Google Maps search battle and reach a user base of over 2 billion people!
  • Never worry about your Google Maps presence again!
  • Set up this system one time, and watch your business inbound lead flow explode with qualified prospects ready to buy.

The Google Maps Optimization Program:

How To Turn Your Google My Business Page and Google Maps Listing Into A Local Lead Machine

Typical Digital Marketing Programs For Advanced Tactics Shared Here

Are Valued up to $2500

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

This program "pays for itself" or its free.

We promise the gold you will discover in this program is so powerful, that it will pay for the cost of the program quickly and help your business profit for the lifetime of your Google Maps listing. We are so confident that you can have full access to the program for 60 days. And if you are not 100% happy with your purchase then you can reach out and get a complete refund. It's a risk free transaction.

Plus These Special Bonuses…

Bonus 1: Top Expert Interviews.

Get access to Google maps expert interview and hear how digital marketing professionals optimize Google Maps and Google Street view as their professional career. Hear about the steps they take in the process and even learn how to sell this expertise as a service.

When you learn from professionals, you quickly leap ahead of your competition. Hear directly from the pros.

Bonus 2: Google Maps Optimization As a Service Selling Script

Use our expert selling framework to create world class scripts for Google Maps optimization services. Apply this step by step framework to any selling environment and watch sales role into your business.


1 – Do I need a business location to learn Google Maps optimization?

No. You can get started right away and we will show you how.

2 – How quickly do these tactics work?

Some of the optimization steps start working right away. You will see leads start to come in close to your target areas.

3 – Is it difficult to set up or technical?

Most of the optimization steps are achievable for any technical level, and we walk you step-by-step through the advanced tactics.

4 – Can I get started today?

Yes! Just click the button that says 'Yes Get Started'

Final Warning – Time Is A Factor

Everyday you wait to optimize your Google Maps listing is a day your competitors take customers away from you. When you get your Google Maps listing optimized, you get access to 2 billion users who actively use the tool to find products and services. And every time we add more robust features and optimization to a Google Maps listing, surprises happen. Meaning you get leads from people you NEVER expected to come through your door. BUT there is urgency here. If you do not act fast, you will be losing possible customers that are eager to find your business and pay you quickly for your expertise. So do NOT wait to get started!

Now you have 2 options.

Option 1) You could go it alone and hope that you are making the best choices, and take a long long time to learn all the best tactics for this marketing tool. Maybe you get it right…or maybe you fall short…

Option 2) You grab this optimization program, invest in your business and yourself and QUICKLY turn your Google Maps listing into a lead generation asset that continues to give to you more business over and over (with certainty).

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